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1 2 3 Stock Trading Method

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Capture Market Turning Points in the Stock and Futures Markets With Confidence.

The 1-2-3 Stock and Futures Trading Method. A Simple Setup for catching profitable trends in the stock market

The 1-2-3. A very simple trading technique but without doubt one of the very best patterns for distinguishing a new profitable stock trend. My trading method based on the 1-2-3 entry is much more than the pattern. In order to profit from this you will need to know:

  • What a 1 -2-3 entry pattern looks like.
  • Where they are most likely to occur.
  • How to use a trader's trick entry to beat the crowd.
  • Where to set initial stop losses.
  • Where to trail stops.
  • When to exit.
  • Optimal money management techniques.
  • Which markets to trade and which to keep out of.

   The 1-2-3 entry signal, as good as a signal as it is, is just a "part" of a trading system. In order to reap maximum profits you need to master the exits and money management techniques. Most people forget about this when buying trading systems. They concentrate on entry and forget about the rest.

   I'll give you the rules on how to use the 1-2-3 for maximum profits, covering all the points above. This comes in adobe format. It will basically turn the 1-2-3 entry into a complete trading system for you.

   I know of other web sites selling the 1-2-3 entry signal as a complete black box system for over $1,000. Why not? It's better than most.

   I am offering the 1-2-3 Trading system E-book with your 30 day unlimted membership to yournetinfo.com:

Your initial reaction might be :

"What's the catch?" "Why would this guy give this away?

No catch. I want you to read what is written about this great system for stock market success.

  Get this. Others have attended a similar seminar where the whole trading system was about the 1-2-3 system. It was great but it cost them over $3,000. Far too steep!

  There are many systems being advertised out there that are not as profitable as this and go for in excess of $1,500. Now, they may have better web copy. They have better packaging but are those elements the ones that make you money in the market? Is having a nice fancy package worth $1,460 to you? ($1500 -$40).


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